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Staging Is A Proven Marketing Tool

Staging Services That Fit Your Needs

1. Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation : $350.00

This is normally for homeowners who like to "DIY" or "Do It Yourself". We visit your home for a thorough two hour consultation and we discuss how to best show your home, what to remove, what to keep, and what cosmetic fixes are necessary.


2. Occupied Home Staging -- Price determined after consultation

We will complete a walk-through and discuss an agreed improvement plan, including what needs to stay and what needs to go. We stage the main areas of your home by using what you already have. We may bring in our additional accessories or furnishings which you can rent monthly.


3. Vacant Home Staging -- Price determined after consultation

We have access to an amazing warehouse full of wonderful up-to-date furnishings to make your home sizzle. We then add high quality accessories, art and floral arrangements to help your home standout above the competition and provide a fast sale at a great price. 

4. Shopping Service                               $100.00/hr

We can help you decide what other items you may want or need and will actually shop for you. You have many more important things to do, so let us handle this for you.


5. Photo Ready Styling Session              $350.00/hr

According to the National Associations of Realtors, a potential buyer makes up his or her mind within 20 seconds of looking at

on-line of pictures of homes for sale and decides which houses are "Must Sees". To help you be a "Must See" home, we come in prior to your professional photographer's arrival and add extra touches to show your home at its best in the photographs. This may include providing table settings, decorative pillows, and other accessories to add to what you have. We then remove these items after the photographs are taken. If you choose, we can rent you these accessories for a monthly fee.

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